The Proposal | Addison and Alissa | Logan, UT Couples Photography

The month of July brings FIREWORKS!  And I am not just talking about the one's that light up the sky.  On July 2nd a sweet small town boy asked a beautiful girl to marry him.  And she said YES!  It all began just after Addison returned home from his mission.  He began his first semester at Utah State and found himself falling in love with English Class... but not because of the language but in that class he became acquainted with a cute freshman named Alissa.  A few classes into the semester they starting talking and texting about class assignments, then they began sitting together in class.  One day after class Addison offered Alissa a ride home and the beginning of a beautiful relationship started to bloom.

Addison and Alissa spent their first date hiking the Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon in September of 2016 and ever since that day, they have been inseparable.  They have always had so much fun together and feel as though each other is their best friend. The two of them have talked for a few months  about the possibility of getting married. They knew they loved each other and it felt right, but didn’t know for sure when. As the 2016-2017 school year at Utah State concluded, Alissa returned to her home in South Jordan to be with her family and to work. Addison stayed in Logan and worked with a goal in mind to save up for a ring and a future with Alissa. They have been traveling back and forth to see each other this summer while living further away. Their love has only grown stronger as they look forward to the days they do see each other.

Addison arranged for Alissa to join him at his family reunion for a few days over the fourth of July weekend. They had a great time being around family and each other. However, Addison’s greater plan was to make this “the” weekend where he proposed to his sweet Alissa. He had already purchased the ring and had been brainstorming ways to make it a special night. After returning from the reunion on Sunday, July 2nd, they cleaned up for the night to relax. Following a casual dinner, Addison suggested that he and Alissa go for a walk. This was all planned so that his family could help him put his plan into action. He had preset the setting for the proposal before they all left for the reunion.  Addison knew his family property would be the perfect location to ask Alissa to marry him. Below his house, they are blessed with a beautiful view of the Wellsville Mountains as a backdrop to their river. Down by the river, he had lights strung from the trees and a perfect fire set up ready to go in the fire pit. He placed chairs, a hammock and a wooden spool down by the river all in preparation for the perfect night to propose. While on the walk, his mom added the finishing touches to the wooden spool; a s’mores plate, chilled sparkling cider and glasses, flowers and a special photo book that captured moments that Addison and Alissa have shared together. She plugged in the lights and started the fire awaiting their return from their walk. Upon their return, Addison explained to Alissa that he had made her something and she needed to close her eyes as he led her down to the river. Addison was excited and happy for this moment to finally happen. After opening her eyes, Alissa could see that Addison had set up a romantic night for them. They started by looking through the photo album that Addison had made. Each page had a short rhyming phrase that described the photo. They reminisced and shared tears until the final page when the photo area was blank with only a message. The message read “until this day, when he asked her to be his fiancé.” He then got down on his knee and asked Alissa to marry him. She of course said YES!!!! They shared a kiss or two and many hugs as the moment set in. After wards, they went on a canoe ride, snuggled in the hammock, roasted marshmallows for s’mores, and set off fireworks all in celebration of their special day.

Congratulations Addison and Alissa!  Thank you for letting me witness this special moment.