Tayler & Raeleigh | Mommy & Me Session | Rendevoux Park

I can't tell you how ecstatic I am about this session.  I have been working with Raeleigh since birth and she hasn't always loved my camera!  Any time I would pull it out she wanted to run.  But this year she is four.  Four is a fabulous age and it is one of my favorite ages for children.  It's like something clicks and they want to show off in front of the camera and talk to me.  They are these cute tiny little humans that explore and play and want to have fun.  And that makes it fun for me too.  

When you photograph a family for a couple years and you get to see their kids grow up you start to love them.  And I have definitely fallen in love with this little duo, and the rest of their family.  It has been a pleasure to watch Raeleigh grow and to see her mom mature and turn into this fabulous mother who adores her daughter..

For this session we went to Rendevoux park.  A storm was rolling in so we tried to hurry before we got wet.  I got so many different expressions out of Raeleigh that I was cracking up while editing her session (ask Tayler to show you her full gallery).