Powell Family | Tony Grove Family Photography | Logan, UT

Life gets busy sometimes and when my closest family lives at least an hour away it makes it difficult to get together.  So when my cousins wife asks if I can take their family photos I am all on it!  I am ecstatic when my family drives to Logan for pictures because it gives me a whole two hours to spend with them and talk with them as we are shooting.  I love it!  Dave is one of my cousins that I used to babysit.  He was so wild and free spirited and was secretly one of my faves. As he got older, he got quieter, and I moved away.  Then one day I visited my home town and he was all grown up!  He matured, and married this beautiful gem - Kayla and then two years ago they added a cute little man to mix.  Little Ryker!  He is such a gorgeous little boy and super sweet.  He doesn't love my camera though!  You should have seen the stink eye's I would get from him when it was pointed at him.  Maybe he already knows he's going to be chasing away the papparazzi for years with those looks!  

H22B1659 copy.jpg