Parker Family | Family Photo Session | Tony Grove Lake

It's not that cold yet!  I am kidding it was freezing in Tony Grove.  There isn't a lot of snow, which we usually have by this time of year, but I am a little happy about it because it means that I can still shoot in the mountains for now.  

Would you believe that I have been living in the same neighborhood as this cute family for two years and I didn't even know it?  This shows you how much I get out from behind my computer and camera.  Of course it doesn't help that I work night shift at the hospital either.  My social life consists of IG and FB!  It's a sad, sad world to not know these beautiful humans.  Tami found me through the grapevine of mutual friends and I am glad she did!  

We met up at Tony Grove for our session, and it was pretty cold. The trick with fall weather in Northern Utah is to pretend you are not freezing.  Amaya and Alivia did a great job while I took their pictures and they could be found huddling together, giggling, and trying to get warm in between shots.  It was adorable.