My Mansion in Fiji | The Green House | Logan, UT

It all started with a Facebook post.  My daughter Berkleah shared a meme calling out for help. She didn't know what to get me for Mother's Day.  Her post read "What the heck do you get your mom for Mother's Day when she deserves a mansion overlooking the ocean in Fiji but you have $3.00 in your checking account?"  

My heart swelled with gratitude when I read it.  Just a simple post like that or her hugging me and telling me that I am still important to her is all I needed for Mother's Day.  But she wanted to give me something... something I would love and she wanted my input.  I knew that she really wanted a pretty flowy floral dress.  And...  (cue angels singing) I am overly excited when she wants to wear a dress because she is a huge tom boy and it took me twelve whole years to convince her that it was awesome to be a girl!  So my request was that she buy herself the dress she wanted and let me take her pictures.

You see...taking pictures for me IS a vacation.  Especially when I get to spend a whole hour or two of my time with my beloved daughter.  I get to see her feel beautiful, I get to see her feel important, I get to see her happy (and sometimes not so happy, like when the grass is wet) but most important we CONNECT just for an hour.  We talk about things, we explore the area we are taking photos in, we agree on a plan of action.  Then I get to capture that!  I am able to freeze those moments and make memories from them so that someday when she is older and moves on with her life I will have these to look back on and remember our experience.  THAT is my mansion in Fiji!  

Berkleah chose where she wanted her pictures.  She LOVES the smell of dirt, flowers, and spring air.  She wanted to explore a greenhouse because  the environment makes her happy and she feels she is in her element and that is where she belongs.  We drove by "The Greenhouse" in Logan and she was in love.  She squealed in excitement when they told us we could shoot there.  And even better... they had a beautiful fat, friendly cat on the premises. She loves cats.  I love cats.  Perfect!  

My Mother's Day present from Berkleah is one I will never forget!  Thank you little lady.  You are the best daughter ever.

Location: The Greenhouse Inc

MUA: Kassidy Veibell