Mountain Crest High School Prom 2K16 | Logan Ut

Prom.  It happens every year, every where.  In Logan Utah the courting starts with a ding dong ditch and a spillage of goodies on a front porch for girls all over the county.  Giddiness erupts and the girls start shopping for THE PERFECT DRESS and the boys plan the PERFECT DATE.  Group dates are the most fun and are pretty common around here.  The day starts with a day date and this year Hazen, Tanner, and Trevor took their dates Berkleah, Lexie, and Skyler hiking where they picnicked with fruit snacks and granola bars then frolicked in the wilderness for a couple hours before they dropped the girls off to get ready for the night.  The couples went to dinner at the Beehive Grill and Prom was held at Castle Manor.  

I had a fabulous time getting to know these kids and taking their pictures.  Berkleah's date Hazen brought me flowers when he picked her up and made my day.  These three boys are a hoot and probably the funniest bunch I have ever met.  I know they all had a great time!