McLeod Family | Logan UT Family Photography | Bear Lake, ID

The McLeod family is one of the funnest families I have hung out with!  In the planning stages of our session Ginger requested that we use Bear Lake for our location and I was super excited!  I love beachy photos and Bear Lake is the closest thing we have to a white sand beach within driving distance of Logan.  So we set out on a Sunday night and staked out at North Beach in Idaho.  It was a perfect backdrop for this gorgeous family's pictures.  The sun was shining, a few fluffy white clouds drifted across the sky, and a slight breeze rippled the waves.  We had so much fun photographing Ginger, Derek, Wyatt, Weston, and Emma.  I am so glad that we had a chance to get to know these guys better!

IMG_8400 copy.jpg