McCullough Family | Christmas Lifestyle Session | Logan, UT Family Photography

Sometimes I ask my friends for favors and they don't know what they are getting into.... A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to try shooting different stuff.  I usually shoot family sessions outside, posed, formal, and as controlled as I can get it.  I am a freak like that.  I love clean straight lines!  But that kind of thing in the photography business gets a little BORING. So I decided to ask a friend for help.  I shot a Facebook message over to my lady Mandy and asked her if she was decorating her new home for Christmas and if I could invade her space a little.  She said "Sure!" and planned a little Christmas cookie making party with her cute little family.  When I arrived the house was decorated Perfectly!  I walked in and felt like I was teleported into a Pottery Barn magazine.  Her home is so warm and inviting with huge windows for fabulous natural light.  She had already baked a batch of cookies before I arrived so the house smelled of wonderful sugary goodness.  Cam, Mandy and the littles were ready to go and excited to get rolling, cutting, and decorating cookies.  I knew this session would be a little challenging because I needed to shoot REAL.  And for me that is hard.  Some people think left brain (logical and linear), other people think right brain (these are the creative type), I believe I fit into neither of these categories.... I think scatterbrain (both left and right brain).  And sometimes that makes it hard to shoot real lifestyle sessions because I can't FOCUS.  My eyes dart from detail to detail and my brain bounces around left, right, left, right trying to find the correct light, the correct form, the correct composition.  After a few minutes of brain bouncing and storming I decided to breathe in the aroma of home baked cookies and just shoot.  I think for my first sorta styled Christmas lifestyle session it went pretty good.  I have to thank Mandy and Cam for putting up with me and for letting me move furniture if I needed to and for cranking their kids out on a TON of FROSTING!