Matthew & Eliza | Formal Bridal Session | Tony Grove, UT

These two are getting hitched next week and I am so happy for them.  They are the sweetest couple ever!  Matthew and Eliza love the mountains and hanging out together outdoors.  They met on a camping trip in Moab and have gone on adventures ever since.  One day after work Eliza and Matthew drove to Green Canyon to hang out for a bit.  They snuggled in a hammock and it got quite chilly so Eliza asked Matthew if he had a blanket.  Matthew quickly obliged and knelt down to grab a blanket, then Eliza, cocooned in the hammock, heard Matthew call out her name. When she looked over he was down on his knee!  He asked her to marry him and she said YES!  Now the two will be getting married in the Logan Temple next Saturday for time and all eternity and they couldn't be happier.