Lunt Family | Lifestyle Family Photo Session | Ogden, UT

If I had to describe this session in three words it would be READY, SET, PLAY!  Ashley is a photographer for Ashley Lunt Photography and I met Ashley and Alan a couple years ago at a church dinner.  Ashley is a lifestyle photographer and when she asked me to take this years family photos I was super excited because she has a gorgeous family!  We had originally scheduled her session over conference weekend and I made a trip to Antelope Island.  Well traffic was horrendous and I got there a few minutes after the sun went behind the mountains so we didn't get a full session in and we rescheduled.

After we rescheduled Ashley had asked if I could just come to her house and shoot a lifestyle session at home.  She has always wanted pictures of her family in their natural habitat.  So we started taking pictures inside the home, then outside around their beautiful yard and garden. Then we migrated to the field behind their house and that was where the magic happened. That is where the kids relaxed and played.  They were free!!!  

They played "Ring-Around-The-Rosies" and "London Bridges".  Little Ruby loved it!!! She sang "ashes, ashes" over and over throughout the session.  She is so adorable!  The oldest girl, Makaili is just like a little mommy.  She played with Ruby, fed her, and led her around the field. Emery is adorable with her white blonde hair and big brown eyes, she loved the games as much as Ruby.  And then we have Ethan, the only boy.  Who was his dad's sidekick.  He loved to climb and jump and he is great at posing in front of the camera.

This was a fun session!  It challenged me beyond my normal session routine and I am excited how it turned out.  Thanks Ashley and Alan for letting me invade your space for an hour and for raising such cute kiddos!