Little Cowboys | Logan, UT | Children's Portrait Photgraphy

As I am editing this cute session with Dane and Cutler a lyrical verse plays  in my head.  "Mama's don't let  your boys grow up to be cowboys".... yep, that one over and over.  So I looked up the lyrics (because I am not a country song lover, I just remember hearing this one on the bus many, many years ago).  And I really can't understand why the artist would deter a mama from growing her boys up this way.  LIttle cowboys are the cutest thing ever!!! At least these two are.  Dane is Mr. Independent and just learned how to really ride this pony!  He was trotting all over the place all by himself.  He's only four years old guys!!  And my little man Cutler with the dreamy blue eyes and the curl in his hair!  Oh my gosh!  

Dane and Cutler's parents are doing a fabulous job of raising these boys.  Every time I visit with them or photograph them I admire their parenting techniques.  Dane always has me cracking up with his insistent questions and his independence and Cutler with his mama's boy attachment.  I watch how Cami encourages her boys to go out and play and climb ladders and ride ponies and I am in awe.  She reminds of those mom's on the olympic commercials - only in a country mom sort of way.  And their dad, Landon teaches Dane patiently how to keep his feet in the stirrups and how to lead Tucker the pony around the yard.  I wish I would have had a video of this session to go along with the still images because it truly was an experience to watch Dane and Cutler's parents in action.

So I encourage all mama's to LET their boys grow up to be cowboys.  In my opinion there can't be any better way.  They are so dang cute!