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Lexie and Derrick are getting married!!!  This beautiful couple grew up together in Bear Lake, Idaho.  He's a small town boy from Bern and she is from Montepeilier.  They are a year apart but hung out with the same friends in school.  Lexie admits that she dated almost every guy in his group of friends but Derrick.  She remembers often asking her mom if she had even met the man she was going to marry yet!

After they graduated High School they both went on to serve missions for the L.D.S. church.  Derrick went off to Mexico and Lexie headed south to Georgia.  After serving Lexie had planned on going to school at USU in Logan but felt prompted to go to BYU-Idaho.  To Lexie's surprise Derrick also felt the same prompting and got in touch with her when he found out that they were on the same track schedule.

A pan of brownies was made on their first date and they continued the courtship.  Derrick took it slow and Lexie started to feel impatient but refused to make a move.  She was dying for him to hold her hand or kiss her.  Over fall and Christmas break they both returned home and Lexie got her first kiss on New Years Eve!  

They dated for a few months while living at home then Derrick revealed he had to move to Idaho Falls for an Internship.  Lexie thinks that the separation made their hearts grow closer.  They were only able to see each other on weekends.  On one of those glorious weekends Derrick drove her home and began to tell her how he felt about her.  He told her that he felt that she was the one for  him.  Lexie says she knew from a much earlier moment that he was the one for her!  Lexie dreamed over and over that Derrick brought her more happiness that she could even imagine.  I guess you could say that he was the man of her dreams! 

On another one of their weekends together Derrick asked plainly if she would like to go ring shopping.  Lexie was so excited that she couldn't even sleep that night.  They went ring shopping and got a few ideas the next day.  Then a few weeks went by again and she didn't hear anything more about the subject.  Derrick sure knows how to make it worth it! 

Finally on April 24th, on his mother's birthday, they went for a bike ride.  Derrick loaded their bikes up in the truck and suggested a little spot up the road.  Lexie biked along side Derrick up Skinner Canyon and saw his friend drive up ahead of them and she wondered what the heck he was doing up there!  There was still snow on the road and they were biking into the thick of the woods.  Lexie didn't think she could go any further when  Derrick suggested they hike up a trail off the road.  As they walked through the trees hand in hand they arrived at a little clearing with tiki torches arranged in a circle ready to be lit!  Then she knew this wasn't an ordinary bike ride!  She says she was dying inside because she had been waiting for this moment for a really long time.  When Lexie turned around she saw her friend's husband and her friend who is a photographer.  Then she turned back to Derrick and there he was - down on one knee with the prettiest ring she had ever seen!  He simply asked her to marry him and she simply said YES!