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Individual Worth

I AM of INFINITE WORTH with my own divine mission which I will strive to fulfill

D&C 18:10

Individual worth...It is probably one of my favorite values that the Church of Latter Day Saints instills in it's female members from their youth.  One of the greatest challenges in today's world is overcoming the feeling that we are unimportant and insignificant.  Although the world has made great strides in accepting women and their importance, intelligence, and beauty, one can still feel utterly worthless.  It is important to know that no matter who we are, how we look, or where we live that we as individuals are important.  Each of us has a divine mission and that means something.  We are all important!  We are all unique! We all have a purpose!  

Red is the color that signifies Individual Worth in the Young Women's Program in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

Ada and her mother Alison chose her adorable red dress and I suggested we do this session in the poppy fields in Mantua.  The poppies only bloom for a few weeks in June so we set a date, rented a bike and filled the basket with gorgeous, full, red poppies.  We had a great time exploring a few spots at the location, swatting off bugs, and running from little tiny snakes! (mainly me... I did all the running, and maybe a little screaming!) and maybe even if it wasn't a snake and just a little stick!  We even made the joke of doing a few shots pretending to be Eve with the Serpent.  Ada wasn't ready for that challenge yet, and I don't think I could have held the camera long enough to get a good picture!  

Please follow our journey as we create images with the Young Women's Values themes FAITH, DIVINE NATURE, INDIVIDUAL WORTH, KNOWLEDGE, CHOICE & ACCOUNTABILITY, GOOD WORKS, INTEGRITY, and VIRTUE.

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