Freedom Matters | Chandra's Urban Senior Session | Ogden, UT Senior Photography

Freedom Matters!  Choices...matter.  All I have seen in my news feeds today are political satire splitting the difference between white lives matter or black lives matter.  I feel it is a never ending firing squad these days.  Vote for Hilary! Vote for Trump! LGBT are people too! Terrorists are terrorizing our freedoms, cops are getting killed for defending those freedoms and I am saddened with the world that our children our inheriting.  

As I am editing Chandra's second part of her session I can't help but think that she has quite a journey ahead of her but I already know that she has a great head on her shoulders.  Someone with her beauty and presence could easily choose to be a model or a reality star on t.v.  But she is not.  She is choosing something honorable and pure.  She is choosing to go to nursing school after she graduates.  She is choosing service.  And she is privileged to live in such a country that she has that RIGHT to CHOOSE.  She has the freedom to become whoever she wants.  And when I meet people like her it gives me hope for our country's future.  

When Chandra showed up in her "All American Attire"  I was excited to have pictures for my Fourth of July blog.  But family and life happen and I didn't get them finished in time for the 4th of July.  But thankfully, I live in Utah and Freedom is a month long celebration here!  So here you go.  Enjoy Chandra's urban session with a little flare of freedom!