Daugs Family | Family Photo Sessions | Wellsville, UT

I am working like crazy to catch up on blogs today!!!  Here is the "A" Team, Ammon, Alison, Addison, Avery, and Ada.  Most of you are familiar with Ada from our Young Women's Values series.  She has been my model and inspiration for that project and this is the family that has enriched her.

I love these guys!  Ammon and Alison are the perfect couple and perfect parents.  They are awesome.  Alison is always great at styling her family for her sessions and always picks out the brightest and funnest colors for the season.  She has already printed these photos for her home and they look absolutely amazing they way she has arranged them.

This year their family is complete and together again.  Addison just returned from New York from his Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I know his mom and dad are very proud and happy to have their boy back.  Avery their second boy has been excelling this year running cross country for Ridgeline High School and he is exceptionally smart too. And this kid... I love him, because I swear he knows what I need to say, before I say it, or when it never comes out right.  I have a communication problem sometimes and It is easier to show with pictures, but no need with him.  He just gets me!  And then we have Ada, and I have probably said more about her then she is ever comfortable with.  I will always think she is amazing, beautiful, sweet, and smart.

I hope you enjoy looking through this handsome family's photos.  They are pretty special to me. Thanks for looking!!