Chandra | Senior 2017 | Bird Refuge, Layton UT

When your client shows up looking like a model to their senior session.  Yeah that happened!  Chandra comes all the way from Wyoming and is in the graduating class of 2017.  For part of her session we went out to the Bird Refuge in Layton and it was windy!  I have always wanted to shoot a session where my client had their hair blowing gracefully, creating surreal movement.  Well we got it in ten fold!  The wind blew north, south, east and west.  Dust blew, grass blew, and hair blew everywhere.  Chandra proved to be one of the most graceful clients I know.  She handled that wind like it was nothing.  As it tore through her hair she kept smiling and laughing .  I have to say that she makes the wind look GOOD.   In just two hours of talking with and shooting this lady I learned that she is warm, genuine, and humble. She plans on diving into nursing school after she graduates.  She is truly a beautiful human.  Stay tuned for part two of Chandra's urban session in downtown Ogden. 

IMG_0266 copy.jpg