Bentley Twins | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Salt Lake City, UT Photographer

Pure Joy!!! That is what I feel when I look over this session after taking a trip to SLC last week. Ashton and Benson are true little miracles for my uncle Steve and Yude.  There is not a person in my family who loves children more than this man.  He has waited a very long time for his BOYS!  I have watched this man go through so much for years.  Then he finally met this beautiful Peruvian woman who has given him what he has always wanted - a beautiful little family.  About a year and half ago I asked Yude how she met my uncle and she said she saw him at a church dance for older adults and he danced "kinda good".  I couldn't stop laughing, because no one turns it up more at family functions, weddings, or church dances than my uncle Steve!  He is always a riot!  I love him, my kids love him, and his cute little wife adores him.  I am so happy for Yude and Steve and I loved snuggling on my tiniest cousins.  Thank you for adding these adorable little men to our family!  I am so proud.

I shot a little hybrid session of these twins.  When I arrived, Yude wasn't feeling up to pictures yet so I started with Steve.  We gave her a little break while we took pictures so she could go get ready.  These little guys were so good.  I thought it would be difficult to get the two of them posed together, but they fell right into whatever I needed them to with posing.  I enjoyed shooting a lifestyle session that easily converted to a mini studio styled one at the end.  I think it is something that I will consider doing in the future since these little guys handled it so well and were quite comfortable in their own home.  Thanks for looking and enjoy!  

XOXO  - Anngee