Oh Baby | Kael's Newborn Session | Logan UT Newborn Photography

This little man is the miraculous product from two beautiful people.  He is baby number two for my cousin Christina and her husband Chase, and little Kael is eating up the attention!  A couple month's ago I started planning for this little guy's arrival.  I bought and made props, his mamma sent me photos of what she would like and I planned an epic newborn photo session (I think I might have even dreamed about it).  Well... as baby's always do, Kael had his own plan.  He didn't want to have anything to do with posing! He was a fighter for sure but taught me that sometimes you just have to go with it and focus on the tiny details like flaky baby skinned hands, full pink lips, and those adorable ten little baby toes instead of the perfect pose.   We were able to get some beautiful photos with he and his mommy and some of daddy's hands.  I love this little guy and after our session I just wanted to snuggle on him for a bit so that maybe he will like me and forget that I tried to pose him when he see's me at a family reunion!