Andrew M. | Senior Session | Salt Lake City, UT

This guy...He aspires to be a Calvin Klein model someday and has a hankering for hot dogs. He has a goal to challenge Joey Chestnut in a hot dog eating contest. Mr. Chestnut still has Andrew beat at 73.5 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  Andrew has admitted that he has gulped down 5! He is well on his way...

Meet Andrew M.  he is HILARIOUS!  And...creative, charming, competitive, enthusiastic and a brilliant violinist.  He graduates with the class of 2017 of Bountiful High school this year. Don't let the opening line of this post influence your thoughts about this kid, he has suggested in all seriousness that he will be pursing a career in the medical field as an Emergency Room physician.  He is already working on his E.M.T. certificate.  If that goal by itself does not impress you then there's more!  

Andrew is the team captain for BHS's wrestling team and belongs to the BHS symphony orchestra, where he plays the Violin.  He is also the concert master of the Davis Youth symphony. This guy is good!  He played a little for us while we shot his session and I was quite impressed. He is raised by two violinists and has been playing for fifteen years.  He said that his mom started to condition him by having him hold a ruler up to his chin when he was just three years old.

Andrew is silly and likes to play around, he was so fun to photograph.  He pulled off modeling in front of the camera just like a C.K. Model would!